Just thought I should bring a couple things to your attention regarding an October ad campaign that your company is behind for your new, white, PSP model. Now, I am absolutely thrilled that your company is willing to branch out and make products in multiple colors (despite not seeing any valid purpose),  but don’t you think you could have portrayed the ads in a less…I don’t know…HATEFUL way?!?!? Take a look:

There are at least 18 things wrong with this billboard, and I’ll take time to go through a couple, because only complete tactlessness and ineptitude could have been behind the decision to approve this ad.

Before we get into the obvious racist undertones, I’ll first ask why the hell is this man inches away from being strangled? Perhaps you’re implying that the black modeled PSP’s are so shoddy that they’re worthy of physical harm? Shows how much faith you have in your product, sir. How’s this for a tagline: “The Black PSP. Choke one.” Sound good? No? Then why would you portray it visually?

And come on…why is this “pure” white figure conveying a look of utter disgust towards the black one as she’s punishing it? It’s as if she’s feeling justified in causing the poor man harm, perhaps a statement of superiority. Do we really need that horrible depiction? Why are you even portraying that it’s better? Can’t you sell PSP’s by just saying that it’s different? Good lord…

Worst of all, who do you think will be most perceptive to these ads? Do I need to say it? KIDS! You’re imposing this false ideal upon impressionable children in more ways than one that white is somehow superior to black, and most appallingly, you personified that through racial depictions. If this isn’t blatant racism, it’s a sheer lack of creativity and tact that goes all the way up and down your company’s food chain.

Just because you only see things in terms of black and white doesn’t mean that your consumers will.


Angry (now Non-)Consumer